A Tale of Two Doctors' Offices

In the Office Again; A Familiar Tale

Consider the last mental or physical ailment for which you saw a doctor.

You felt your condition progressively worsen until you were surely south of neutral (as opposed to North of Neutral!) and that’s when, reluctantly, you picked up your phone and dialed your doctor’s office.

The following day, you are scurrying past the “Contagiously Ill” area and into the “Generally Okay, We Guess” area of the waiting room, guiltily deeming yourself well enough to sit among the annual check-up patients. Absentmindedly you observe the finger-printed magazines in the hands of other miserable patients until your name is called.

Your typical doctor's exam room.

Your typical doctor's exam room.

Inside the sterile room, your doctor listens to your heart, your lungs and your complaints. You’re always tired; maybe you have mono? Migraines won’t let you live your damn life; have you tried this medicine? You have acne; how is that topical cream from the dermatologist working for you, should we try a different brand? You’re depressed and insomnia prone; it runs in your family.

Your doctor is great and the visit is never as bad as you think it will be, so you leave the claustrophobia of the office and in the fresh air remind yourself that there’s no need to dread your follow-up appointment. Then you make your way to the pharmacy to pick up a new set of little orange bottles, hopeful about the renewed promise of real results. 

The Integrative Switch Up; An Alternative Tale

But wait... Back to square one, when you first noticed your health felt a little off kilter. Let’s do as we do at FRESH Med and flip the switch. This time, it’s Physio Logic (the integrative medicine center which FRESH calls home) who picks up when you dial your doctor’s office….

The following day, you are scurrying past Burger King and Shake Shack and up to the second floor of 409 Fulton Street, where Physio Logic ironically sits. As you enter, you are greeted by a calligraphic mural (We’re all a little twisted, it reads) and a grumpy (but impossibly adorable) little dog named Norm. Golden geometrics liven the walls, all of which are arranged to create nooks for the numerous therapies and exercises happening simultaneously.

Dr. Graham still listens to your heart, your lungs and your complaints; but like the rest of Physio Logic, his office is flooded by light. Facing you, personal photos and professional certificates cover the entire wall: Dr. Graham with Dr. Mehmet Oz, with Dr. Deepak Chopra, with Andy Weil and with Mark Hyman; Dr. Graham and Julie on their wedding day; framed proof that he really did go to Harvard; a drawing of the human body titled “The Anatomy of Love” (Julie gets credit for that one).

Dr. Graham's office at Physio Logic in Brooklyn Heights. Notice the "Anatomy of Love" diagram, picked out by Julie, on the left.

Dr. Graham's office at Physio Logic in Brooklyn Heights. Notice the "Anatomy of Love" diagram, picked out by Julie, on the left.

Here’s where your two experiences really diverge, however: when you and Dr. Graham discuss your symptoms. Here’s where you take control of your own health, because your doctor doesn’t stop at questions about the current pills you’re taking, your allergies to potential medications and your preferred pharmacy. Dr. Graham doesn’t just think in symptomatic terms when considering mono, migraines, acne, depression, insomnia - or any aspect of your health, for that matter. Instead, he asks you, “What do you normally eat? How do you normally eat? Do you think that your diet could be influencing your health conditions? Do you think your mental health could be affecting your physical?”

And he goes on to ask you if you’d like to work with a nutritionist, a chiropractor, a physical therapist or a health coach. Oh, no thank you, you politely decline. You’re already pressed for time. But hold on - This is Physio Logic! Inside the four adjacent rooms, each of these experts await you. If it sounds like a magical and mythical land of wellness… Well…

"Reformers" at the Physio Logic center for integrative medicine at 409 Fulton Street, Brooklyn.

"Reformers" at the Physio Logic center for integrative medicine at 409 Fulton Street, Brooklyn.

The Epilogue

You may still leave Physio Logic armed with a prescription for a little orange bottle. After all, Dr. Graham is a physician trained in internal medicine and doesn’t deny the miracles of science. However, you’re also guaranteed to carry home with you the signature FRESH Med prescription for Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep and Happiness as Medicine. You may be back if you’re lucky enough to have Julie as your Health Coach. But otherwise, the Physio Logic team hopes to never see you again*!

*Unless it’s about preventative medicine, or to hang out. We’re all about that.