Corporate Wellness and Well-Being Programs
by FRESH Med in New York City

Wellness and well-being are not the same thing but they do influence each other. Well-being refers to a more holistic whole-of-life experience, whereas wellness refers just to physical health. Employers can have a big influence over employees’ wellbeing. The more wellness opportunities offered in the workplace, the higher sense of wellbeing each employee will experience.
— CDC and Gallup

Want a happier and healthier workplace? Start FRESH and “Get with the Pro-Graham”!

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Everyone seems to be a health and wellness expert today.  The wellness marketplace is overcrowded.
Who can we trust? Who can help us decipher fact from fiction, real science from hype, effective versus ineffective initiatives?


The FRESH “Pro-Graham” brings a team of renowned certified and licensed healthcare professionals to your workplace to design and implement a wide range of wellness and disease prevention programs for your staff.  We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients to identify innovative approaches to addressing the health and wellness issues of and for their employees.

When you work with us, we will offer you scientifically backed programs. We listen to your needs, perform a formal needs assessment (before, during and after implementation), define your goals, tailor our programs to reflect your company’s unique culture. We collaborate with your company’s leadership to offer a FRESH approach to your employee well-being. FRESH is an innovative, integrative corporate wellness and medical model that focuses on the five pillars of well-being: Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep, and Happiness. That’s FRESH.


A caring and trusted corporate wellness program where people matter, designed to engage employees, offer holistic care, achieve meaningful results and influence company culture.


Healthy and Happy Employees make companies and communities thrive!


Robert E. Graham, MD, MPH, ABOIM, FACP Board Certified in Internal & Integrative Medicine

Robert E. Graham, MD, MPH, ABOIM, FACP
Board Certified in Internal & Integrative Medicine

Julie Graham is a Certified Health Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, Positive Psychology Practitioner and is certified in Meditation and Aromatherapy.

Julie Graham is a Certified Health Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, Positive Psychology Practitioner and is certified in Meditation and Aromatherapy.


Founders, Dr. Robert and Julie Graham, bring over 20 years of combined experience, expertise and leadership in health and wellness to their team. Robert, medical doctor trained in Internal and Integrative Medicine with a Masters in Public Health working collaboratively with Julie, a Holistic Health Coach trained in Positive Psychology, Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy as well as Integrative Nutrition. The Graham’s are passionate about making the work place a happier and healthier place. So, “Get with the Pro-Graham!”

Most recently, Dr. Graham was the Director of Integrative Health and Wellness for a large healthcare system, where he was responsible for 61,000 employees and all their wellness activities and initiatives. As a medical doctor, he vetted and negotiated with wellness companies for data management, client tracking using large platforms and organized multihospital events often partnering with other wellness companies. 

Julie blends her formal training and experience in nutrition, positive psychology, health coaching, yoga, meditation and has taught for Fortune 500 companies/organizations like Harvard Medical School, NBC, Steve Madden, UniVision, Barclays, Northwell Health, just to name a few.

Currently, they have been traveling and consulting with companies and organizations about developing a sustainable, holistic, wellbeing FRESH “Pro-Graham.”


Robert and Julie have partnered with multiple wellness companies to expand their services to offer clients, companies and organizations, a medically supervised, practical, comprehensive and sustainable lifestyle program.  They offer all complementary modalities under one roof, from Acupuncture to Yoga.  FRESH is your one-stop-shop for all your wellness needs. Our “Pro-FRESH-ionals” are all experienced, certified and insured wellness experts.


Our dedicated team makes it easy for you to engage and empower employees in wellness programs by providing a 360 “Pro-Graham.” As FRESH, we offer planning and implementation services, promotional assistance, marketing materials and research.

We measure everything from health, productivity, engagement, presenteeism, happiness and cost.  Our programs are backed by research and our top priority is to work with clients to achieve positive outcomes.  After the program ends, we analyze the results of your employees’ evaluations to help you better understand and tailor your future corporate wellness needs. We provide a confidential report that can validate your investment in our FRESH “Pro-Graham.”


Studies by Optum and others have shown that a company with a comprehensive wellness program can achieve the triple aim of:

1.  Reducing healthcare costs,

2.  Increasing employee engagement and productivity,

3.  Encouraging healthier and happier employees.

A more holistic approach to measuring your wellness program is to look at its value of investment, or VOI. It’s a broader and more detailed approach, and it goes much further than return of investment (ROI) does; ROI is a component of VOI.

In traditional wellness programs, we measure success by participation and ROI on medical costs, but in today’s approach it’s not about ROI. It’s about productivity, and business metrics, and retention, and customer satisfaction. It’s not about health and benefits in silos, but about broader well-being, and that includes social connectedness, financial security, emotional health and job satisfaction.” The old way of getting everybody to do the same thing is being abandoned.
— LuAnn Heinen, VP of the National Business Group on Health


We host health fairs, workplace screenings, employee wellness lectures, executive physicals, office yoga, movement classes and much more. All classes/workshops are customizable and designed to educate, empower clients on how FRESH: food, relaxation, exercise, sleep and happiness, are the five pillars of wellbeing. 

Comprehensive FRESH Start to Health Program:

The FRESH approach to health “Pro-Graham” is a six module program for your employees based on our five pillars of well-being: Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep and Happiness. Over the course of the program, ideally six months, employees will learn how to make the right food choices, offer tools for stress reduction, encourage movement, teach techniques for optimal sleep and promote the pursuit of happiness. Your employees will walk away from each module more educated and empowered to make better lifestyle choices.


Seminars/Workshops include:

·      Introduction to FRESH with Dr. Graham

·      Lunch and learn hour-long interactive and informative workshop/seminars

·      Monthly nutrition consultations, using iN body Machine

·      Individualized health coaching provides accountability and support

·      Access exclusive discounts on professional supplements and services like  acupuncture, Pilates, massage and yoga

·      Access to community events ranging from expert talks to fitness classes


Once the participant is on-site, the program takes a very hands-on approach with a comprehensive wellness assessment, involvement in exercise and cooking classes, participation in resiliency and stress management sessions, one-on-one wellness coaching sessions, and access to fitness and yoga classes and spa services. The coach partners with the individual to shape an on-site experience and continues follow-up once the participant returns home to provide tools, resources and support intended to help them achieve their FRESH goals.


Health Education Workshops:

Reach your employees with a variety of engaging and educational workshops, led by our expert specialists (e.g. doctors, registered dietitians, stress management experts, health chefs and certified exercise, yoga and Pilates specialists). Workshops are tailored to engage employees through taste tests, nutrition, movement and wellness demonstrations.

Health Fairs:

We offer a variety of health fairs that can be customized to meet your company’s needs. Our events are educational and interactive and topics include preventive health, integrative health treatments, employee health screenings, in body, weight loss challenge, stress reduction, massage and acupuncture, physical therapy, yoga, Pilates, nutrition, and much more!

Health and Wellness Weeks:

Promote the values of healthy living with seasonal wellness weeks. Events can include health coaching, onsite fitness experiences, health workshops, massage days, meditation and more!

Office Health Coaching:

Offer one-on-one or group coaching with experts certified in meditation, positive psychology, nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Our evidence-based model includes sequential health coaching designed to change behavior by changing mindsets, focusing on strengthens and supporting employees in better health, while reducing the risk of chronic conditions. Our coaching services are facilitated by Julie, our certified Health Coach trained in Positive Psychology, and are available onsite, electronically or telephonically.

Office Meditation:

Mind/Body programs including yoga, chair yoga, meditation, stress reduction help reduce employee stress and foster a better sense of well-being. Facilitation led by teachers trained and certified in meditation and yoga includes relaxation response, mindfulness, imagery, breathing and various relaxation techniques.

Office Nutrition:

Encourage healthy eating options and evaluation of current nutritional status. Using the science of nutrition and the power of Positive Psychology we will find the foods that truly nourish you. Seminars include, fundamentals of food therapy, herbs and supplements, weight loss strategies, whole food-plant based, vegan, paleo, gluten-free theories and “Ask the nutritionist” Q&A.

Office Catering:

Collaborating with local farmers and chefs we offer cooking demonstrations, local Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) drop-offs, catering for lunch and special events. We also design menus and advise on healthy food options in your neighborhood collaborating with local restaurants.  Through collaboration with the Natural Gourmet Institute we host cooking classes—a great team-building exercise, too.  

Office Massage:

Boost morale, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress with in-office chair massage.

Office Yoga and Fitness:

Provide personal, small and large group exercise opportunities such as Yoga, Pilates, Walking or Running Clubs. Fitness classes are led by our certified exercise and movement specialist and built around your current available space. Office Yoga/Chair Yoga can help to build better posture on the job—and off.

Ergonomic Services:

Improve comfort, reduce injuries and improve productivity with onsite ergonomic programs. Programs are tailored to suit various office workstation needs.

Health Event Planning:

Provide your team with a health event customized for your culture and budget. Think anything wellness, supermarket tours, culinary workshops, group fitness challenges, stress relieving massage booths and so much more!



We want to help people adopt healthy behavioral changes in eating habits, stress management, physical activity, emotional and mental wellbeing, resiliency and improve their overall quality of life.  After mastering wellbeing on the personal level, we will help you learn how to make wellbeing a part of your company’s culture. We bring wellbeing into your business!

We help people break down barriers, dispel myths and give participants a comprehensive wellness experience tailored to their individual goals within Dr. Graham’s supervised scientific approach.

What makes this “Pro-Graham” unique is that it doesn’t end once the person leaves the workplace; it offers ongoing support long after the person returns home.

Together, we can enhance the well-being of your employees by investing in their wellness. Get FRESH!

Want a happier and healthier workplace? Start FRESH and “Get with the Pro-Graham”!

Contact us to request a customized wellness program, or to schedule a health fair, health care screenings, and/or other programs for your workplace, please contact Julie Graham, New Business Development, at