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What is FRESH Med?

FRESH Med is an INTEGRATIVE HEALTH practice that represents a paradigm shift, from the conventional approach of “a pill for an ill” to one that “addresses the root cause of dis-ease.” We practice a FRESH model of healthcare that combines the best of what conventional medicine offers including medications, diagnostic testing, tools and technologies, with clinical nutrition, functional medicine, health coaching (grounded in positive psychology), complementary therapies, extensive and innovative testing.  We believe healing should be a fully collaborative partnership between the doctor and the patient, where teaching and promoting wellness is just as important as treatment.



What does FRESH stand for?

Our FRESH approach stands for:

FOOD:  The fuel we give our bodies to live and thrive. The FRESH program puts food-first and based on your own individual, metabolic and lifestyle needs, you will discover the foods that truly nourish you.

RELAXATION:  We live in an extraordinary time in history that requires us to be highly competitive in order to keep up with the demands of our careers, families, and societal expectations. The FRESH model uses meditation and finds ways to help better manage our physiological and psychological responses to stress.

EXERCISE:  Just move—it’s good for the body, mind and spirit! Setting realistic fitness goals by finding things you enjoy doing is the key to long lasting results. The FRESH team will help keep you moving, remember small steps will amount to big change.

SLEEP:  Sleep is a medical necessity--nobody can function without it. The FRESH team will take a closer look at the reasons why you may have trouble sleeping, and will help you get the “zzzzz’s” you need so you have more vitality in your life. 

HAPPINESS: The way we feel about ourselves, approach our problems, and our general outlook on life plays an important role in our well-being.  Using the tools of Positive Psychology, the scientific study of human flourishing, the FRESH team provides support and encourages people to focus on their strengths and pursue hobbies and activities that make them happy.

When it comes to our health, we know, “it all starts with food” but in the end, what we truly want in life is to be happy.

Who needs FRESH?

  • Patients seeking a preventative, holistic approach to health & wellness

  • Patients who have not achieved full relief of symptoms with conventional medicine

  • Patients with chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, thyroid condition, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, and back pain

  • Patients with complicated medical problems interested in reducing medications, avoiding side-effects or supplementing care

FRESH has one goal -- to make you healthier! We want to help you get your body, mind and spirit in balance so you feel great. We can help you wean off most or all of your medications via lifestyle changes.

We are so honored to assist you in your transformation into your best self!  Thank you for choosing FRESH Med. Now, there’s only one more thing for you to do...


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