Health Coaching by Julie Graham

A Health coach empowers you to make lasting health behavior changes that are the cornerstones of lifelong health and well-being. Health coaching can bridge the gap and offer more in-depth support where other health care providers fall short.  
According to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Health Coach is someone who works with clients to help them achieve wellness goals such as losing weight, increasing energy, or naturally alleviating symptoms of digestive distress. They also focus on disease prevention, reducing stress, and creating balance in all areas of life. Health Coaches take a whole-body, or holistic, approach to wellness. This means that they go beyond food and diet to explore the many ways that a client can improve their quality of life and find lasting health and happiness. It also means that they consider things like career satisfaction and fulfilling relationships as being influential to client success. The ultimate benefit for someone who works with a Health Coach is the ongoing support and guidance that doctors are rarely able to provide.  
Using our FRESH model of health coaching, we help address your relation to food, what makes you relax, why and how you exercise and sleep as well as what brings you happiness.  
Our health coach fills the roles of confidant, cheerleader, motivator, friend, in a structured, supportive partnership and when necessary, and at times can give you a good kick in the pants to get you back on track.

Weaving my personal story and my formal education in yoga integrative nutrition and positive psychology I am able to help you improve your life by first changing your mindset and then changing your behavior. I look forward to working with you offering you a FRESH start with my health coaching services.
— Julie Graham Certified Health Coach


Julie Graham is certified in Health Coaching, a Registered Yoga Teacher, Positive Psychology Practitioner and is certified in Meditation and Aromatherapy.