Welcome to your FRESH start! You just made an exceptional commitment to yourself and your future—congratulations! We truly look forward to working with you during the coming weeks to help guide you in making your FRESH goals a reality. We love working with intelligent, motivated clients like you.

Together, we’ll have sessions where we will discuss your progress, as well as your successes and challenges in looking after yourself. You will experience major changes in your life, and we are honored to contribute to this process.

When it comes to our health, we know, “it all starts with food” but in the end, what truly matters is our happiness. Our FRESH approach to Integrative Health represents the five pillars of well-being: 
Food: Based on your own individual, metabolic and lifestyle needs, you will discover the foods that truly nourish you.
Relaxation: Did you know you have a natural “Relaxation Response”? You will learn how to make mindfulness and mini meditations part of your daily routine.
Exercise: Just move—it’s good for the body, mind and spirit! Setting realistic fitness goals by finding things you enjoy doing is the key to long lasting results.
Sleep: We are only as good as we sleep. You will find ways to make sure you’re getting the “zzzzz’s” you need so you have more vitality in your life.
Happiness: Positive Psychology is the scientific study of what makes individuals and communities thrive. By focusing on your strengths, you will discover the things in your life that truly make you happier.

Since most of your program occurs outside our sessions while you are living in your daily life, ultimately the results depend on you: What you put in, you will get out—and not all days are created equally. Just be sure to savor and celebrate the “small wins.”

We are so honored to assist you in your transformation into your best self! Thanks again for choosing the FRESH Integrative Medicine team. Now, there’s only one more thing for you do to: “Get with the Pro-Graham!”


Your FRESH Team
Dr. Robert & Julie Graham