At your first visit.  
Upon making an appointment our care managers will send you our intake forms including the Initial Health History. We would greatly appreciate you filling out and either email or fax back to the office 48 hours prior to your visit for review by Dr. Graham.  

After a quick intake and registration by our medial assistant, you will meet with Dr. Graham for comprehensive consultation and a physical examination. He will take an extensive history and review any tests that you bring to the visit, and order the tests that he will need to develop your treatment plan.   

Initial Visit – what to expect  

  • A 60 minute evaluation by our a dual board-certified integrative medicine and internal medicine physician  
  • Comprehensive physical exam during an unhurried integrative visit  
  • Review of your previous medical records and laboratory testing  
  • Review of medications and all supplements  
  • If needed, recommendation of comprehensive testing including certain functional medicine tests: Blood Chemistry Panels, Body Composition Analysis, Saliva/Hormone Panel, Digestive Stool Analysis Panel and Hair Analysis (analyzes vitamin, mineral, heavy metals, and food sensitivities/intolerance)   
  • A personalized Care Plan – a written report summarizing our findings and mapping out your pathway to health over the next 3-12 months regardinglifestyle management, behavioral modification, and if needed, recommendations for complementary therapies.  

Patients also have the option also visit with the our nutritionist Michelle and health coach Julie, for a complete diet, nutrition, mindset and “ready for change” assessment. Upon completion of your tests, you will return for an extensive results visit to formulate your FRESH prescription for health.  A pathway is also available for economical, independent consultation with Michelle and Julie for advice about diet/supplements and coaching–you need not be a medical patient to avail yourself of their services.  
If needed, referrals to recommended services already offered at Physio Logic will be offered such as nutrition, functional medicine, acupuncture, yoga, Pilates, mindfulness coaching, and meditation instruction, physical therapy, chiropractic and massage therapy, as well as outside sources that complement our patient’s conventional medical care.  
Laboratory testing is usually covered by most insurance companies, some may require a deductible.  Functional Medicine tests depending on the insurance coverage, is not always covered by health insurers. We will verify coverage before any testing is ordered.  
Lastly, the patient will return to the office for follow up to review laboratory tests and for further evaluation within on week of completing any recommendations for therapy and or testing. This ensures compliance and a through reexamination. This typically lasts 30 minutes.