Hey now, you're a Docstar

I am not yanking your chain, Dr. Graham really is known as the Docstar in some circles - And it's not because he's a shining star in the provision of top-knotch health care (ok, that's part of it).

Depending on when you met him, you might not know that before he was "Doctor," Robert Graham was one of New York City's most popular Club Promoters. What is cooler than an incredibly decorated intellectual who knows the ins and outs of every great party venue in the city that never sleeps? Dr. Graham is the effortless, humble valedictorian to our study-all-night salutatorian struggles. Luckily, we have him to take care of us!

We as patients are charged with spilling the beans about our secret lives at each doctor's visit, so we figured it was about time Dr. Graham owned up to his Docstar status. 

And here's the photographic evidence!

Whether they rock the food, medicine, music, literary or sports world: It's Dr. Graham with all his stars!

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robert graham