It's Our First FRESH Birthday!

After spending a couple decades in and around healthcare, Dr. Rob and Julie Graham have seen a lot. At the different hospitals, patients came in and out. On one floor, an athlete might undergo surgery. On another, mothers give birth. But one year ago today, the Grahams left the hospital scene for Physio Logic, and something else was born: a FRESH new model for healthcare. A FRESH Prescription to Health. Happy 1st birthday to FRESH Med NYC! 

Dr. Robert and Julie Graham

Together for over 20 years, Rob and Julie have been at the forefront of health and wellness. They have changed the face of healthcare by combining their educations, skills and passions. They are guided by a simple principle: to help everyone live a happier and healthier life.

The Road to FRESH: Fare Wellness and The Lenox CHill Initiative

In 2010, Dr. Rob and Julie developed Fare Wellness, a culinary medicine program educating resident doctors about healthy vegan cooking and eating, and "The Lenox CHill," a yoga, meditation, stress reduction and wellness program for healthcare workers, which was adopted throughout the entire 60,000 employee health system. In 2013, they created “Victory Greens,” the first-ever edible, organic rooftop garden at Lenox Hill Hospital.  Patients and staff eat, rest and digest the fruits and veggies of their labor.

Dr. Rob and Julie at Physio Logic.

Dr. Rob and Julie at Physio Logic.

FRESH Med NYC: Happy 1st Birthday!

In 2016, Rob and Julie launched FRESH Med, an integrative health primary care practice that combines the best of conventional medicine, including medications, diagnostic testing, tools and technologies, with evidence-based complementary therapies, clinical nutrition, functional medicine, yoga/meditation, positive psychology and health coaching. FRESH Med’s mission is to make you healthier by addressing the five pillars of well-being: Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep and Happiness. Now, that's FRESH!

But why FRESH?

During 80s, golden era of Hip Hop in NYC, a word represented what's clean, hot, of superior quality; cool, not previously known or used; new or different. Dr. Rob, a hiphop kid grew up in Jackson Heights, Queens, so he'll be the first to tell you, that word was fresh. The term is used to convey a reaction to something brand new and attracts people to various endpoints: fresh haircuts or fresh kicks; but ultimately, it is used to refer to anything highly approved by someone.

Julie and Dr. Rob applied that concept to the origination of their integrative health practice. Conventional medicine is broken, old and stale - based mainly on a drug and surgery model.  FRESH Med is a new model of health care... Where the goal is to make you healthy! And embedded in the 5-pillar acronym of well-being is a FRxESH "Rx," a new prescription or recipe for health. Get with the Pro-Graham! 

Check out how far we have come in one short year at! We are eternally grateful for your support and look forward to celebrating FRESH anniversaries with you for years to come.