Choose Health Care Before Sick Care

Health Care vs Sick Care

Eat Your Medicine

An ancient Ayurvedic Proverb says it best: "When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need." 

But the Standard American Diet is as S.A.D. as it is unhealthy, and therefore, so are we. According the USDA, the average U.S. American's diet consists of 63% processed food (added fats & oils, sugars, refined grains), 25% animal food (meat, dairy, eggs, seafood), and just 12% plant food (up to 50% of which may be processed, such as "almonds in candy bars" or "apples in apple pie"). 

When the S.A.D. Becomes Fatal: Some S.A.D. Statistics

  • The American Cancer Society states that 1/3 of all cancers can be linked to poor diet, excess weight and inactivity.

  • According to the CDC, 69% of the U.S. population is overweight and/or obese

  • 70% of colorectal cancers may be diet related.

  • The American Heart Association published study highlights which note that "eating a diet lacking in healthy foods and/or high in unhealthy foods was estimated to contribute to more than 400,000 deaths from heart and blood vessel diseases in the United States in 2015," while "Eating more nuts, vegetables, and whole grains, and less salt and trans fats, could save tens of thousands of lives in the U.S. each year."

  • Harvard University research says: 80% of heart disease, stroke & diabetes incidence, and 70% of cancer can be prevented by not smoking and by exercising, managing stress and eating a healthy diet.

Forget A Pill for An Ill and Address the Root Cause

In Dr. Graham's own words, "Every time you turn around, there is another infomercial, commercial, or speaker talking about the 'right' way to eat. There are a million documentaries and research books telling us the path to health. And because I am an information junkie, I have pretty much read (or skimmed) them all. Based upon a very informed perspective, this is my personal take on various diets and health claims: It seems that the health industry at large has made a pact to try to confuse people as much as possible."

For example, Food Magazine attended the "European Congress on Obesity" in 2008, where 3,000 nutritionists, obesity researchers and clinicians were gathered in Geneva to discuss the latest science on obesity research, treatment and policies.

66 of the experts were asked to complete a 5-question quiz. Of the 66 experts, not a single person gave the correct 5 answers. The picture below shows the correct answers, boxed in red.

On the left, most experts inferred that the Double Cheeseburger from McDonalds contained the most total fat... But French Fries take the cake at 30 grams. 

On the right, most experts crowned the Italian as Subway's most highly caloric six-inch sub, and some said the Steak and Cheese. Alas, the Tuna Salad reigns at 530 calories. 

If the Experts Can't Get it Right, How Can I?

An excellent question. At FRESH Med NYC, we take great (health!) care to dish out the truth, so that you have at least one space in which you are able to avoid the alternative facts of sick care. Contact us to learn more! 

Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.
— Heather Morgan, MS, NLC
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