Dr. Graham on Health, Wellness, Reducing Stress, Anxiety and His Favorite Snacks...


What has led you to practice Integrative Medicine and start Fresh Medicine?

How do you define wellness?

How can meditation help one’s stress and anxiety levels?

What can we do today as a nation to avoid serious illness such as cancer and heart disease?

What is the single worst food a person can eat?

How much exercise should one have a day?

What healthy snacks do you recommend one to eat?

What do you typically eat for breakfast?

As a doctor what is your goal for the future of the health of people?

Where do you see Fresh Medicine in 10 years?


Loraine Stupakoff writes, "I met Rob in the 2nd grade at PS 2 in Astoria, NY.  We kept in touch all these years.  When I got sick Rob and his wife Julie were there to help me. I cannot tell you all how they contributed to healing and well being."

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