Which Types Of Alcohol Are Best For Blood Sugar & Hormones? A Personally Motivated Exploration

I'm sort of notorious for making bold declarations about quitting sugar around the mbg office. "This is the week," I'll announce to my colleagues, who respond with rolled eyes and the awareness that I'll be back to my 3 PM chocolate within days. Each time, however, sparks a conversation about the rules of a no sugar challenge (a topic of heated debate during last year's site-wide affair)—namely, is alcohol allowed?

It's a sticking point for many people trying to cut back on the sweet stuff, who will happily eschew cake and cookies but throwback three glasses of red during a happy hour. Which raises the question: How sugary is alcohol, really? And why should we care?

If you've experienced that shaky, exhaustion-accompanied hanger, you're likely all too aware that balancing blood sugar and blood sugar-related hormones, like insulin, is key to avoiding the spikes and crashes that lead to these feelings of discomfort. In fact, according to celebrity nutritionist and mbg Collective member Kelly LeVeque, elongating your blood sugar curve is the key to feeling and looking great—and craving less unhealthy food generally.