Early Bird, Night Owl or Hummingbird? Know Your Sleep Chronotype!

Are you an Early Bird, Night Owl, or Hummingbird?

The Lark: The Early Bird

(<6AM-10PM) You're most alert around noon and feel most productive at work a few hours before eating lunch. You catch the early worm. 

The Night Owl

(>10AM-12AM) You are most productive at night and most alert around 6PM. 

The Hummingbird

(6:30-7:30AM- 10:30PM) Around 80% of people are this chronotype!

The Early Bird, Night Owl and Hummingbird are examples of  Chronotypes

These are biologically driven categorizations based on your genetics. Specifically, the PER3 gene tells us a lot about what time you want to go to sleep, and how much sleep you desire. Matching your schedule to your chronotype can help you live a healthier, more productive life. 

This simple quiz can tell you your type.