Ten Tips to DeFriend F-A-K-E Food

Food. Our favorite four-letter “F” word. Oh, food, if we can still call you that, why have you forsaken us? Just when we thought you were the sweetest, spiciest, most delicious “thing” we had ever set our eyes and lips upon, you turned out to be “nothing” but two-faced, phony and downright toxic for our health. Oh, food, the quick thrills of your highs are not worth the depths of your lows. Yes, food, our favorite four-letter “F” word for you is: F.A.K.E.

How, oh how, can we reconcile, dear food? As rap sensation Drake says, [insert four-letter “F” word here] a fake friend; Where my real friends at? We aren’t sure where your real friends are at, but your route to real food is right here, in 10 steps:

happy new week
  1.  First, challenging but achievable goals, like participating in the Monday Campaigns.
  2. Second, break your goals into small steps, as the Monday team advises. Create a weekly plan.
  3. Third, round up “buddies for support.” Here’s another tip from the Monday Campaigns. As we learned at from Julie at our Happiness as Medicine workshop, Quality Connections are crucial to becoming #positivelypsyched.
  4. Fourth, slip up? Hit the healthy Monday reset.
  5. Fifth, cook! People who cook more live happier and healthier lives. Cooking is a lesson in commitment, focus, creativity, mindfulness and an offering of your efforts, attention and love. Belly up to the stove!
  6. Sixth, Can’t Read It—Don’t Eat It: Strive to eat whole foods, with one ingredient, or no more than five ingredients. Be sure to read food labels.
  7. Seventh, Know When You Are Done: Pause to reflect on the Okinawain saying, “Hara Hachi Bu” which translates to “I control the food.” Eat until you’re only 80% full.
  8. Eighth, Avoid Eating On The Run: Up to 30% of people eat in their cars at least once or twice a week. Stop. Eat. Savor.
  9. Ninth, Big Food = Big Problem: Processed foods are addictive, contain chemicals, trans fats, GMO’s and create a toxic environment. Eat real food.
  10. Tenth, choose Organic - it’s lower in pesticides. Look for a 5-digit Price Look-Up Code (PLU) on the sticker which includes #9. This means it’s organic, while an 8 signifies a genetically modified organism (GMO). Remember “The Dirty Dozen” and “Clean 15.”

We at FRESH Med are here as your "buddies for support" on your route to real food. Contact Dr. Rob and Julie - and stay tuned for more articles delving deeper into these 10 tips!

Drake cooking up a storm with Chef Guy Fieri.

Drake cooking up a storm with Chef Guy Fieri.

Thanks, Drake!