FRESH 6 Month Workshop Series

6 Month FRESH Med Workshop Series

Whatever your resolutions will be this year, FRESH Med can help motivate, and get you to your goals. Whether you are hoping to lose weight, reduce stress, get in shape, sleep better, or simply be happier, look to FRESH Med for answers, encouragement and support. We will help you set optimistic and realistic goals for sustainable lifestyle changes.

New Year’s has long been the traditional time for making health and fitness-related lifestyle changes. But, what if you started making those choices before the holidays? Now is the time we indulge and overindulge in all things festive. ‘Tis the season people gain the most weight. But, we also should enjoy and savor the holiday cheer!

The FRESH Integrative Medicine team at Physio Logic will be offering an amazing 6 month workshop series combined with weekly emailscommunity support and feedback on an invite only Facebook page, and access to discounts to organic meal plans, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), a natural juice company, and digital mindfulness, yoga, and leadership training.

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • What is a healthy way to lose weight? What’s the best diet?
  • What are some ways to reduce stress? Is meditation for me?
  • I don’t like going to the gym. Is there another way to get moving?
  • I am always exhausted. I don’t get enough sleep. Do you have any suggestions for getting a better night’s sleep?
  • I want to be happier and healthier, but how and where do I start?

Whether you’re a foodie, gardener, farmer, or fan of a healthy lifestyle, if you love to cook, hate to cook, eat in, dine out, get healthier and/or keep your family healthy while doing so, these workshops are for you!

Set your intentions now to start off the New Year FRESH.

FRESH stands for: Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep and Happiness. Our FRESH Med team at Physio Logic have designed a six-month program to make you healthier by addressing the five FRESH pillars of well-being.

Starting this January 2017, we will be spelling FRESH, one letter, one month at a time, so you can slowly and consistency learn more about all five pillars and reach your FRESH goals:

Thursday January 5th 2017 – Food as Medicine Workshop

It all starts with our favorite four-letter “F” word: Food!

Thursday February 2nd 2017 – Relaxation as Medicine Workshop

I have a relaxation response?  Yes! Learn how to at our Relaxation as Medicine Workshop.

Thursday March 2nd 2017 – Exercise as Medicine Workshop

It’s Spring Break time! Let’s move and explore exercise at our Exercise as Medicine Workshop.

April 2017 - TBA - Sleep as Medicine Workshop

Spring ahead time! Find ways to sleep better at our Sleep as Medicine Workshop.

May 2017 – Happiness as Medicine Workshop

I’m so happy it’s May flower time. Learn how to pursue your happiness at our Happiness as Medicine Workshop.

June 2017 – All Things FRESH Workshop

A full recap of all you learned, with rewards for engagement. A final survey will measure all your changes and successes and offer you the feedback you need to continue with your FRESH goals for the rest of the year and beyond.
Date TBA. To register ahead of time, call us at 718.260.1000 or email

Pay As You Go

$25.00/ Workshop

Pay As You Go

$40.00 / Workshop &

  • Weekly Email Support
  • Private Facebook Community Support Page
  • Access to discounts to organic meal plans, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), a natural juice company, digital mindfulness, yoga, and leadership training, and much more!

Purchase Full Series

$199.00 for all 6

When you pay for all workshops up front you save 20% off!

  • Weekly Email Support
  • Private Facebook Community Support Page
  • Access to discounts to Provenance Meals, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), LoveGraceJuice,, and much more!