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Yoga, and the Union Between 4 Forms of Exercise

Most people underestimate the physical benefits of yoga. If you're interested in burning more calories, try more advanced yoga classes, like Vinyasa, which move at a faster pace. These classes can be challenging, even for the seasoned yogi, and require students to move more quickly—and hold more complex poses for longer periods. As much as yoga poses can strengthen your body and improve flexibility, yoga has also been called a “work-in,” as it also does wonders to your brain and helps bridge the gap of feeling both energized and relaxed.

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FRESH 6 Month Workshop Series

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • What is a healthy way to lose weight? What’s the best diet?
  • What are some ways to reduce stress? Is meditation for me?
  • I don’t like going to the gym. Is there another way to get moving?
  • I am always exhausted. I don’t get enough sleep. Do you have any suggestions for getting a better night’s sleep?
  • I want to be happier and healthier, but how and where do I start?
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